Welcome to Positive Strides Therapy (PST).This is a unique psychotherapy practice where the therapist and client walk outside while having a therapy session. We hope that you or your child will find a comfortable fit here with one of our clinicians. Please get in touch to speak directly with a therapist.

What is walking therapy?

  • This practice combines talking and walking outdoors for a client to physically and emotionally move towards his or her therapeutic goals. 

What are the benefits?

  • During life transitions, talking with a licensed and experienced therapist can help relieve stress.

  • Walking clears the mind and produces endorphins--a natural way of feeling good and having a sense of accomplishment.

  • Anxiety is about “what ifs” and the thoughts about the future. During the walking session, mindfulness practices are used to focus on being present; breathing with intention, and noticing your surroundings.

What are the next steps?

  • We will set up an intake session to understand your needs and collect essential information.

  • If you are a parent seeking therapy for your child, this session will allow you to express your concerns prior to the first therapy session

  • At this time, we will set up our first walking session, and you will be on your way to making positive strides.


"I've worked with Jennifer on two separate opportunities, her concept to walk and talk has been such a great experience.
  The chance to discuss the stresses of my hectic life in a calm peaceful environment helps me in so many ways,
before, during, and after my sessions."
-Positive Strides Client



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